The BuyAware rating is divided into six main categories, each covering a phase in the life cycle of an electronic product, and thus includes all aspects relevant to the purchase decision:

Climate and Energy Climate and Energy

Reducing greenhouse gas emissions is one of the greatest challenges of the 21st century. In this category, the BuyAware rating takes into account the carbon footprint of the individual product and whether companies have published specific CO2 reduction targets.

Ecology Ecology

Electronics contain rare, sometimes toxic metals and other non-renewable resources. In addition, BuyAware also considers recycling aspects such as take-back programs for electronic waste and sustainable packaging.

Conflict Minerals Conflict Minerals

Many of the metals contained in electronic products are extracted in conflict regions, often under inhumane circumstances. BuyAware investigates whether companies are taking on responsibility and committing themselves to improve life in these regions.

Workers Rights Workers Rights

Many countries in which the production sites of electronics are located do not have strict labour legislation protecting the individual workers. Companies that are committed to enforcing better conditions for the employees at their suppliers are rated positively in this category.

Corporate Transparency Corporate Transparency

Not all companies make the same amount of information about their products, production methods, raw material sources etc. publicly available. In our opinion, the consumer has the right to be informed about the background of a product.

Product Performance Product Performance

We are aware of the fact that performance aspects are a decisive factor in many buyers' purchasing decisions. As an all-in-one rating, BuyAware wants to provide consumers with reliable information in this respect as well.