BuyAware is the first all-in-one rating that examines the entire life cycle of a product and thus provides a complete insight into the ethical and ecological background of a product. The basis of the BuyAware rating is laid down by our 57 criteria in 6 categories. Each criterion takes a specific problem into account and quantifies it with a percentage. Most of the data is currently collected manually from the annual sustainability reports of the individual companies. Our rating is supplemented by further data from independent organisations such as CHIP Online or iFixit. The rating also examines how much specific data the companies themselves provide publicly. The data is visualized by means of a spider web representation.


With the spiderweb design consumers can immediately see where a product has its strengths and weaknesses. It also makes it possible to compare several products with each other, as the different shapes can be superimposed on each other and deviations can be easily detected. It is also more transparent than a label which only guarantees company behaviour in one specific area of sustainable consumption.