About Us

BuyAware has the vision to improve the social conditions in the electronics sector as well as their ecological effects in the long term. Our goal is to facilitate a paradigm shift that moves the electronics industry towards fairer production conditions in the supply chain and circular, sustainable economic thinking.

To achieve this, BuyAware aims to inform consumers about the ethical and ecological background of electronic products. Due to the laws of supply and demand, consumers have the ability to influence the way electronic devices are designed and produced.

By providing BuyAware with background information, we enable consumers to exercise this power on a fact-based basis. BuyAware is a tool that empower consumers to make a buying decision they fully support!

By informing students and consumers in Switzerland, we want support more responsible consumption in the electronics sector and inspire innovators to design more sustainable electronics. Thus working within the framework of UN Sustainable Development Goals 9 and 12.