August 2020 BuyAware is presented at the Higher Education Summit 2020 as part of a workshop called "Students as agents of change – how can the funding programme «U Change» become even more effective?"
January 2020 The BuyAware project is formally put on hold, while deciding the produced content and knowledge shall be preserved for other initiatives or further development. The board still convenes annually.
April 2019 BuyAware presents at an event organised by Ingénieurs du Monde and FIFEL at EPFL in Lausanne.
March 2019 BuyAware participates in the Sustainability Week Switzerland. At the Sustainable University Day 2019 hosted by U Change, BuyAware is granted the opportunity to host a table at a World Café workshop in order to get more feedback on the project.
March 2019 BuyAware participates in the Sustainability Week Switzerland. In Berne a co-presentation is held with Shiftphone Switzerland while an exhibition of the BuyAware ratings is held in the main building of the ETH Zurich.
February 2019 At the Activity Fair organised by the VSUZH Impulsfabrik, BuyAware has the possibility to reach out to fellow students and sharing information concerning sustainable electronics.
November 2018 In order to promote synergies within the field of sustainable electronics, BuyAware organises a networking event which is attended by 10 different organisations at the University of Berne in cooperation with BENE.
November 2018 In cooperation with the Student Sustainability Commissions of both the University of Zurich and the ETH Zurich, BuyAware organises a movie-night, showing the movie „Death by Design“.
October 2018 BuyAware is awarded a grant by U Change a project of swissuniversities supporting student initiatives for sustainable development.
October 2018 BuyAware has the possibility to present its project at the University of Berne through BENE, the association for sustainable development at the University of Berne.
October 2018 BuyAware is selected for the Final of the Swiss Student Sustainability Challenge 2018 by the FHNW.
June 2018 BuyAware holds a workshop on sustainable electronics at at the Impact Hub in Zurich.
May 2018 TEDx hosted by the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Lucerne gives BuyAware the floor to talk about rethinking the way we make electronics.
May 2018 Presentation of the BuyAware project at the LUGA in Lucerne as part of the Sonderschau Jugend by Infoklick Zentralschweiz.
April 25th, 2018 Appearance as guest speakers at an event on sustainable electronics organised by Bread for All and AIESEC Switzerland.
April 17th, 2018 Organisation of the event “On the path towards modular smartphones” at the University of Basel with guest speakers from SHIFT Switzerland and Revendo.
March 2018 Participation in the Sustainability Week Zurich 2018: Exhibition of our product ratings in the main building of the University of Zurich, participation in the event “your first step towards a sustainable future” by step into action and organisation of a talk series on circular economics in the electronics sector at the ETH Zurich.
February 28th, 2018 Presentation of the BuyAware project at the Activity Fair by Impulsfabrik at the University of Zurich.
February 23rd, 2018 Organisation of the first BuyAware team event in Basel which we decided to hold on a monthly basis from now on.
February 18th, 2018 Impulse Speech by BuyAware at the International Swiss Talent Forum 2018 in Thun.
January 2018 Second general assembly of BuyAware and visit to the “Umweltarena” in Spreitenbach ZH.
December 2017 Win of the BOOST Sustainability Challenge at the University of Basel.
November 2017 Second BuyAware event at the University of Zurich on “perspectives on sustainable electronics” held in the innovative format of the human library.
October 2017 First BuyAware workshop at the University of Zurich with the title „The Future of Electronics - brainstorming challenges and solutions for the electronics for tomorrow”.
September 25th, 2017 Important team meeting where we decided to start organising own events and also started planning the upcoming development of our new website.
September 4th – 6th, 2017 Participation in the Step into action Berne, a spin-off of the organisation euforia.
August 2017 Finalisation of the revised list of criteria based on feedback which we had received from our community as well as our network of external experts during the last couple of months.
July 2017 BuyAware retreat in Niederrickenbach NW where we further sharpened the vision and concept behind our project.
May 2017 Second appearance at the LUGA spring Fair in Lucerne as part of the exhibition “Sonderschau Jugend” by Infoklick Zentralschweiz.
March 2017 Presentation of BuyAware’s product ratings at the University of Zurich during the Sustainability Week Zurich 2017.
January 2017 First general assembly of BuyAware followed by some delicious cheese fondue.
November 2016 Creation of the BuyAware association.
October 2016 In Spring and summer 2016, we worked intensively on the development of a set of criteria with which we could rate smartphones. The first product assessments were published in autumn, together with the very first prototype of our service.
May 2016 Booth at the LUGA spring fair in Lucerne as part of the exhibition “Sonderschau Jugend” by Infoklick Zentralschweiz.
February 2016 Presentation and workshop by BuyAware at the Swiss Talent Forum 2016 by Swiss Youth in Science.
Autumn 2015 To sharpen the vision for our project, we created an online survey in which over 200 people participated. Based on the received feedback we then decided to focus our efforts on the electronics sector.
February 2015 BuyAware is founded at the Swiss Talent Forum, a think tank organised by Swiss Youth in Science. Following the event, a group of several students was formed to further pursue the idea behind BuyAware.