Jonas Niederberger

Project coordination and Co-President

"At BuyAware, I can actively seek to bring about social change and at the same time am able to gather a lot of important experiences in a great team."

Patrick Weber

Project coordination and Co-President

"BuyAware gives me the opportunity to actively do something myself about the various global issues we face at the moment instead of just talking about it."
Petra Balbi

Petra Balbi

Assessments and Vice-President

"BuyAware gives me the opportunity to contribute to something very interesting and cool next to my studies at university. It is incredibly exciting to see how BuyAware continues to develop."

Mirco Rothenfluh

Finances and Fundraising

"I'm budgeting BuyAware's financial future to ensure that we use our funds for the best possible impact."

Felix Graule

Fundraising and IT

"I ensure that BuyAware continues to have the financial resources it needs."