Jonas Niederberger Jonas Niederberger
(President and Coordination)

Jonas Niederberger acts as the project coordinator. Additionally, Jonas’ responsibilities include networking with other organisations, designing our App, project development as well as PR-work. If anyone has an overview of what currently is going on in our project, it’s Jonas!
"Developing a project like BuyAware alongside a very bright, enthusiastic and motivated team gives us the chance to actively be part of a movement, instead of just being a bystander. My goal is, that with BuyAware, we will get one step closer to spread global empathy and awareness."
At the moment Jonas is in a gap year. This autumn he will start studying international affairs at the University of St. Gallen in the Assessment Year. He loves doing sports, especially hiking and climbing, and being in the fresh, exhilarating mountain air.
Patrick Weber Patrick Weber
(Vice-President and List of Criteria)

Patrick Weber is the mind behind the list of criterias and the assessement method. Furthermore, he’s the one who designed the logo and analysed the survey we did last autumn. If you’d like to know what the mathematical background of our product assessments is, Patrick will be happy to explain!
"I've always been very interested in environmental topics (especially climate change). With BuyAware I now have the possibility to actually contribute something to this myself, rather than just sitting around talking about it."
When Patrick isn't working on the BuyAware-project, he mainly spends his time at the University of Basel studying Nanoscience. In his free time, he likes playing the guitar and the drums and doing all kinds of sports, mainly football and badminton.
Felix Böwing Felix Böwing
(IT Project Management)

Felix Böwing concentrates mainly on the tech aspects of Buyaware. He guides the process of the website development and makes sure that the programmer knows what to do. As an electrical engineer he is also able to discuss things on a very technical level.

"Being part of a group of young, bright students with a visionary idea is what motivates me!"

Besides studying at ETH Zürich, Felix is a passionate sailor, scuba diver and surfer.
Petra Balbi Petra Balbi
(Research and List of Criteria)

Petra Balbi primarily concentrates on gathering information for our database and conducting assessments for different products. So if you have a question concerning the information behind a product assessment, Petra will be your woman to ask.

“I’m fascinated by how a project develops step by step and how far you can come if you are determined enough. It’s an honour to be part of such a motivated and fun team and I’m curious to where BuyAware will lead us”

After her Gap-Year, in which she travelled a lot, Petra will start with her studies this September in Zurich. When she’s at home she likes to discover the mountains mostly on skis but also on foot. Furthermore, she is engaged in the JUBLA, loves to dance (ballet or modern) and occasionally plays the flute.
Nadine Kueng Nadine Kueng
(Social Media)

Nadine Kueng supports BuyAware's social media presence. She makes sure to keep you posted about our latest news, events, and ratings. If you find one of our newsletters in your inbox, chances are that it has been drafted by her. Nadine joined us in 2017. We first met her at a Changemaker tribe evening at the Impact Hub Zurich. As chance wanted it, BuyAware was looking for a social media coordinator, and Nadine had long been passionate about enhancing the transparency of the electronics sector:

"Many years ago, I happened to watch Blood in the Mobile. This documentary convinced me to dive into the topic of conflict minerals. As important as conflict minerals are, I soon realised that the electronics sector faces plenty of other challenges. Thus, BuyAware’s holistic approach immediately captured my attention. Finally an organisation that breaks down the silos! It is exciting to follow and to (hopefully) contribute to the growing reach of BuyAware’s work and ratings."

When she’s not writing and planning posts, Nadine works in humanitarian assistance. Currently, she’s deployed to Mozambique. Other than that, she can usually be found travelling, trying to figure out origami shapes, or taking classes in some new language.
Christian Küttel Christian Küttel

Christian Küttel has mainly been helping Eric with the website so far. Additionally he also was the guy who came up with the spiderweb as a mean to visualise our assessment results. So if you need someone to explain how you can extract the information you want out of our product-spiderwebs, he’s certainly the guy to talk to!

"What keeps me motivated is friends or other people who walk up to me and ask me about BuyAware and how it is developing. I also realized how much I can learn from a project like this."

During weekdays Christian is busy studying mechanical engineering at the ETH. He also enjoys doing sports and being active in general.